Year: 2011

Political map of Armenia

News Database According to the Constitution adopted in 1995 and considerably amended in 2005, Armenia is a presidential-parliamentary[...]

Lukashenko’s relations with the EU: current situation and prospects

News Database Lukashenko’s government believes that the EU will not take any decisive actions in response to the repression occurring[...]

Belarus dictator mocks plan to prosecute him

News Database Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, has hit out at plans by a group of British lawyers to sue him over his regime’s[...]

2011 – A Year for the Eastern Partnership?

News Database 2011 could be a crucial year for the development of the EU’s Eastern Partnership. There are some initial steps towards[...]

Turkish Friendship Offering to Armenia Riles Erdogan

News Database t was meant as a symbol of friendship that would help to heal the wounds of a long history of bloodshed, bitterness, and recrimination[...]

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