The relaunch of the CIVICUS Monitor Platform

CIVICUS Monitor map screenshot Today the CIVICUS Monitor Platform has been relaunched, together with a set of statistics resulted from all the updates[...]

Call for Contributions: Open Public Consultation for the Thematic Evaluations of the EU Support to Economic Governance and to Competitiveness in Enlargement and Neighbourhood Countries/ DL: 28.04.2017

ec_for_fb The recent difficulties in the Eurozone and the global financial crisis have underlined the importance of further consolidating[...]

Timeline of the upcoming Eastern Partnership multilateral events

ec_for_fb The European Commission has recently published a calendar of the upcoming Eastern Partnership multilateral events that[...]

Call for Applications: Study Trip in Ukraine, 23 – 29 April 2017/ DL: 20 February 2017

RPR-hotuje-navchalnyj-5-dennyj-seminar-dlya-predstavnykiv-hromadyanskoho-suspilstva-z-Azerbajdzhanu-Bilorusi-Virmeniji-Kazahstanu-ta-Kyrhyzstanu-1-e1487258667398 The Reanimation Package of Reforms with the assistance of the Centre for Democracy and the Rule of Law and the Prague Civil[...]

OPEN Media Hub – The EU support for media professionals from EaP Countries

S7AAitY9 The Project OPEN Media Hub: Networking, on-the-job training and support to media professionals across the EU Neighbourhood[...]

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