OPEN Media Hub – The EU support for media professionals from EaP Countries

S7AAitY9 The Project OPEN Media Hub: Networking, on-the-job training and support to media professionals across the EU Neighbourhood[...]

Call for Applications: Perspektivy “Cross-border Journalism” Programme/DL: February 12, 2017

RTR3LOCZ The new digital era of media, and the globalisation of economic and political processes have brought new challenges to[...]

Civil Society Recommendations for Public Administration Reforms in Eastern Partnership Countries

logo EaP The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum has issued a series of recommendations in its recently-published policy[...]

Call for Proposals: The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation – Safeguarding Democracy/ DL: March 17, 2017

timtdddhumb-1 Acknowledging the damage to democracy caused by the populist surge and recognizing the effects of propaganda and misinformation,[...]

Call for Proposals: IncoNet EaP Targeted Call for EU-Eastern Partnership Twinning Teams/ DL: September 30, 2016

Untitledddddd The’EU-EaP Twinning Grants’ is the third and last call for proposals for ‘twinning’ in the[...]

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