Call for Applications: Perspektivy “Cross-border Journalism” Programme/DL: February 12, 2017

RTR3LOCZ The new digital era of media, and the globalisation of economic and political processes have brought new challenges to[...]

Civil Society Recommendations for Public Administration Reforms in Eastern Partnership Countries

logo EaP The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum has issued a series of recommendations in its recently-published policy[...]

Call for Proposals: The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation – Safeguarding Democracy/ DL: March 17, 2017

timtdddhumb-1 Acknowledging the damage to democracy caused by the populist surge and recognizing the effects of propaganda and misinformation,[...]

“Bucharest Statement” on Regional Cooperation for Child Protection Adopted at the Black Sea NGO Forum

News Database ChildPact, the Regional Coalition for Child Protection in the Wider Black Sea Area, hosted a special panel at the Black[...]

Participants of the 6th Edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum jointly endorsed the following statement on the recent aggression on civil society activists in Armenia

E2013_2 Participants of the 6th Edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum, assembled on 4-6 September 2013 in Bucharest, Romania, jointly[...]

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