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The Black Sea NGO Forum was launched in 2008 by FOND (Federation of Romanian NGOs for Development). The Forum is organized with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and  the European Commission, in the framework of the Black Sea Synergy. The Forum aims at increasing the level of dialogue and cooperation among NGOs in the wider Black Sea Region, strengthening the NGOs capacity to influence regional and national policies and to increase the number and quality of regional partnerships and projects.


The previous editions focused on good practices in various fields and countries and successful cooperation initiatives in the region, the main challenges and opportunities in the region and brought together more than 900 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and other EU member states active in the wider Black Sea region.


Since 2013, the Black Sea NGO Forum received substantial support from important partners. On the one side, the Forum gained more visibility and sustainability through the support offered by the European Commission. On the other side, the Forum developed a partnership with the global network CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness – CPDE (www.csopartnership.org) which aims to bring the regional discussions of the Forum in the broader global context of development.


Beginning with 2015, the collaboration between the Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND and CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness – CPDE was strengthened and includes annual collaboration for the Black Sea NGO Forum and representation of the Non-EU region within CPDE, FOND becoming a focal point for the Black Sea and the Balkans sub-region (part of the Non-EU region within CPDE).


More details about previous editions you can find in Resources.



The Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND is a platform of 37 Romanian NGOs actively involved in programs and projects related to international development cooperation.


FOND aims to contribute to the strengthening of the Romanian NGOs’ capacity to act in the field of international development cooperation and humanitarian aid, in order to achieve the following goals: promote the involvement of Romanian NGOs in the national and European international development cooperation policies; support the Romanian NGOs towards an effective contribution to the support of developing countries; increase Romanian citizens’ awareness on the principles of international solidarity and development cooperation, as tools for fighting against poverty, promoting freedom and human rights and providing aid for humanitarian crisis victims all over the world.

The Romanian NGDO Platform (FOND) is an active member of the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development (CONCORD) and founding member of the International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IPF). Since 2013, FOND represents the focal point for the Black Sea region in the international coalition – CSOs Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE).

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